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We did a thing!

We left the farm! We’ve learned if we don’t schedule it, it will never happen. My husband David booked an incredible scuba diving trip to the Dominican Republic in honor of our 25th wedding anniversary! With the selfless help of my mom we were able to go! Just days before we departed I welcomed the arrival of our first frost. Honestly, the seasons end is bitter sweet but it also offered me grace just in time so that I go and enjoy this adventure.

We arrived to Punta Cana and stayed at the all inclusive Barcelo Beach Resort. David discovered this beach was featured as a top 10 dive destination. It was exciting to check out a new location for the first time together.

We dove 6 dives in three days. Each dive at a new dive site. A highlight was taking the dive boat and diving “the wall” off Isla Catalina. I spotted a sting ray camouflaged in the sand. A lobster seeking shelter under a coral head, a huge conch shell and many colorful soft coral varieties. Another highlight was spotting my first “ flamingo tongue“ attached to fan coral! The turtles looked healthy and content. We never did spot any sharks but David said he could hear dolphins song! Our last dive on the trip marked my 30th! We enjoyed the longest swim throughs in and out of coral. My only regret was that my GoPro battery expired. I’m so grateful David shares my interest in Scuba diving. We were certified years ago when living on Maui. It’s therapeutic to be weightless underwater and peaceful having a reliable dive partner.

A short walk from our hotel was a local market. After wrapping up my second season marketing my flower bouquets at the Arlington Farmers Market I had to check out how our markets were similar and different.

Immediately stepping into the market, the vendors are bartering for my attention. I find it interesting how my local market doesn’t experience bartering. Have you bartered before? I found it fun. Challenging converting US dollars to pesos but if done respectfully it can be a present experience. This market offered jewelry, liquor, coffee, cigars, clothing & souvenirs like crafts. I was very selective and treated myself to a pair of earrings made from the precious Larimar stone. I was shocked not to find small children at the feet of local moms selling. Im so grateful for the opportunities for my kids, especially my young daughter to join me at our market. She has taken away so many life stills from this experience.

Throughout the week I enjoyed local flower varieties and seeing Dominican Republic Flourish.

We came upon a beach wedding on our walk to dinner one evening. Exciting to see the instillation prepared for the bridal party.

We had a beautiful week away together. Being out of the country allowed us an opportunity to decompress & reconnect. The sun and sand was incredible! An opportunity to get away is a gift. Returning home is a blessing! We are grateful for the life we’ve built. Many of you have offered support throughout the years. This brings us to honoring 25 years! We wouldn‘t be successful with out you! Thank you so much!

We’ve returned home safe. The kids survived. Grandma was grateful for some one on onetime and the house is still standing. We’ve rolled into November and I’ve begun the great dahlia tuber dig! Ive traded my dive fins for muck boots. At least my feet have been sun kissed and are cozy in my wool socks. I’ve already bent up one pitch fork and still have many more tubers to dig. It’s so satisfying digging tubers and seeing the clumps reveal. Ill save that story for another time.

Thanks for supporting us in this journey, Keep Flourishing!

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