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Introducing Floret Original Flowers

Erin of Skagit Valley's Floret Flower along with Team Floret have been committed to this new breeding program for over 7 years. She has narrowed her focus and has a new mission. She's cultivating flower varieties that have unique characteristics, pastel colors ideal for wedding work. These varieties do not ship well so the only way to obtain these Floret Originals is to grow them yourself or purchase them from a local flower farmer. This collection can be grown in a variety of climates and have been hand selected by Erin.

I appreciate that Erin sees value in sharing the love. After years of breeding trials she finally has enough seed stock to share them out into the world. She says, "nothing is worth keeping to themselves". She has thoughtfully hand picked flower farmers to share her beloved seed. Her hope is that they would carefully grow & continu this flower legacy. She says, "Who knows how many budding seed savers are out there".

I recently received a delivery from Floret! Inside we're careful packaged Floret Originals! It included 26 seed packets! These varieties display Florets new seed packet stunning photography. A heartfelt note from Erin, a captivating seed planting guide, a Floret journal, Florets Farm Honey, postcards, and gorgeous 2024 Floret Calendar. I am truly honored to be selected to receive this gift.

Thank you Erin for your commitment to cultivating varieties that we as small scale flower farmers need and want to invest in. I appreciate this "Rally Cry", it's one worth standing up for! Thank you for documenting the process and preparing it in a way that can be accessed for generations.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many hands that have touched these precious seeds. So much care in bringing these varieties to fruition. From germination to watering, planting & pinching, corralling to pollinating, selecting & harvesting. Pouring out, drying, crushing, cleaning & screening. All the while documenting the process and finally placed into packets all by hand.

So much intention is placed into these seeds. I hope I can be a great caretaker so that these Floret originals can Flourish!

Thank you Erin. It's time, the world needs them.

You can purchase Floret Originals along with other Floret resources at

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Follow Erins Floret Flower YouTube channel @Floretflowerfarm

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10 feb.

What a beautiful and generous surprise gift you received from Erin at Floret. Im sure you’ll lovingly plant and nurture her seeds and I look forward to seeing them flourish in your garden 🌱 Lynn

Flourish Organic Farms
Flourish Organic Farms
10 feb.

Can’t wait to share these beauties with our community!

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