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Our Story

I am so grateful to connect and cultivate with you.  Returning to my childhood home to raise our two children has truly been a blessing.  We have enjoyed turning the house into our home and little by little turned our small veggie patch into a colorful flower farm.  Flourish Organic Farms is a grassroots farm located in beautiful Arlington, Washington.  We take pride in land stewardship and organic growing methods resulting in specialty cut seasonal blooms.  Our farming practice is our commitment to our soil's health and to our environment.  We create one of a kind arrangements inspired by the seasons.  Our farm is Flourishing with unique flowers and much of the elements used in our designs are custom-grown.  We specialize in cultivating heirloom, vintage, and uncommon flower varieties coveted for their fragrance and uniqueness. 

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A video sharing a bit more of our story

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