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Holiday JOY

One of my favorite holiday traditions is sending and receiving Christmas cards. I find it important to document where we are in the season of life and reminded how quickly the kids grow. Not only do I enjoy sending Christmas cards I love receiving them! As the pace of December picks up I find our schedule full and the days fast. Between winter farm tasks, cookie baking, wreath making & gift exchange prep there’s also band concerts, basketball games & birthday parties. The simple act of exchanging cards brings pure joy. The walk to the mailbox heightens the anticipation and for a quiet moment in my full day I’m instantly reconnected with an old friend. I’ve seen your children grow through the years, discovered your families adventures, learned of loss experienced, and accomplishments shared. My mailing list includes childhood friends, faraway family and continues to grow. Not everyone has a family to photograph. Maybe postage prices keep you from using snail mail or you’ve pressed the easy button and post a FB message instead. Whatever your reason or no reason at all. I would love to mail you our families Christmas card. If you welcome the idea, I welcome your direct message with mailing address. My hope is that you carve out a quiet moment and we can bring joy into your December. We wish you a peaceful holiday and a New Year filled with continued good health and perseverance. Merry Christmas,

with love & friendship,

The Parks Ohana

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