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Rose Geranium Hydrating Mist


This Hawaiian grown sweet, refreshing, rosy aroma, known as a mild astrigent.  Hydrosol tones and contracts skin tissues building resistance while retaining moisture and restoring balance.  


Particularly helpful to restore broken capillaries, acne, bruising, cuts, sunburn, and rashes with its soothing and anti inflammatory properties.  


Hydrosol plant healing effects helps balance emotional stress responses to PMS, postpartum, menopause, depression and anxiety.


Directions for use:  Mist directly onto face and body as desired.  This hydrosol is organic and edible.  Enjoy a spritz into your favorite cocktail.  Mist your hair or anywhere you desire an aromatic touch.  Also enjoy mixed in a healing soak bath.  

Aloha Grown Beauty Hydrating Mist

  • Essential oil of rose geranium flower and leaf , (Pelagonium "Rose Attar").  


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