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Nominated for Farmers Market Business of The Year

Our Flower Farm is nominated for Business of the Year! Pinch me! When I planted my first seed back in 2018 I thought to myself "Would anyone buy my flowers?". As 2023 comes to a close, I am overwhelmed with gratitude! The Arlington Farmers Market began with under 10 vendors and we are now well over 50 local businesses encompassing farmers, creators, food trucks, and more! To vote go to

Our community is incredible! To be nominated among respected farmers and artisans is humbling. I have adoration for my fellow farmers, I see the selflessness in their commitment to agriculture and service to our community. To my fellow artisans, I see value in your craft. Creating can be vulnerable and offering one's talent can be undervalued. I see you. Keep cultivating, keep creating, and keep showing up. Our market is gaining traction, momentum is building and we are a stronger community for it. Our market is a safe place for guests, new friends, travelers, dogs, and locals.

In 2020 I received a phone call from the Farmers Market Manager, Diane Kreig. She invited me to be the market's Flower Farmer. I was nervous to overcommit and under-deliver so Diane encouraged me to collaborate with a local florist, Donna Waldal of Save the Day Floral Design. We also looped in Kate Songhurst of Happy Hollow Farm and tagged our first season, "Two Farmers and a Florist".

In 2022 we launched our refurbished vintage horse trailer, "Little Bloom". Our Mobile Bloom bar parks curbside to the Arlington Farmers Market. We offer market bouquets grown and harvested from our farm. Many folks do not realize that I grow, harvest, and arrange each flower directly from our Arlington Farm less than 5 miles from where I market. The same property I was raised on since 1987.

Flourish Organic Farms is a lean flower farm. By lean we mean, prioritizing regenerative agriculture, cultivating the land using organic farming practices, and land conservation. Offering seasonal local flowers, and educating on the Slow Flower Movement, thus minimizing our carbon footprint. I also take pride in sustainable beekeeping. I graduated from WSU Beginner Beekeeping Course in 2019 and quickly realized that there must be an organic way. I linked arms with local Master Beekeeper Tamila Morgan and since she has been training me in Sustainable Beekeeping.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to market at The Arlington Farmers Market. As a woman in agriculture, I opt to keep my farm private for several reasons. Without a brick-and-mortar store, I choose to "Go Mobile" with my horse trailer and retail at designated retail points throughout Historic Arlington. I enjoy being an encouragement to my fellow farmers and local artisans. We are stronger when we can link arms, protect our retail outlets, share resources, and cultivate a safe space for our community to shop, connect, and Flourish together.

I look forward to continuing to educate consumers on the benefits of supporting locally-grown agriculture. This includes seasonal flowers, fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and honey. The value in keeping our dollar local. Bridging the gap between consumers and agriculture. And continuing to collaborate with like-minded local businesses like Lauren Bardell of Gritty Acres.

I am honored to be nominated for "Farmers Market Business of the Year". Thank you for shopping at OUR Arlington Farmers Market. Another way you can show your support is by voting. To vote go to

Categories include Favorite Business of 2023, New Business of the Year, Farmers Market Business of the Year, Spirit of Entrepreneurship, and Greatest Personal Growth by a Business Person. Thank you in advance for taking a few moments to consider how our local business have improved your quality of life. Your vote matters. Keep Flourishing!

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