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Farmers Market

The Two Farmers and a Florist are returning to The Arlington Farmers Market!

We are honored for the opportunity to continue cultivating relationships within our community. We kick off the market season, this Saturday, May 8 from 10 AM to 2 PM. The market runs every Saturday through September 25, 2021. Our Stilly Valley Chamber of Commerce is working hard to offer quality, local market goods and services. There is strength in cultivating community. How we shop matters. We have a choice in where we spend our dollars. When we shop in our local neighborhoods we are supporting the community we live in and benefit from. When we choose to shop small instead of big box stores we generate sales tax revenue for our city, creating local jobs which are often held by women and minorities which bring diversity, character and community charm. Have you ever paused to consider a world with out small business? Take away small business and take away downtown Arlington. This charm is what makes our home town exactly what we appreciate about it and why we choose to live here. It’s what sets out town apart from others, making it a day trip destination. Take this opportunity to pause, make a note on your family calendar, schedule family fun or meet a friend at Your market, stop in and smell the flowers! Shop small, shop local, shop Arlington Farmers Market.

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