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Aloha Grown Beauty

In April, my family was honored to meet Uila + Jennifer Eleogram of Aloha Grown Beauty in Hana, Maui.

The day began by driving the highway to Hana (in reverse), we hiked the seven sacred pools in the misty Hana rain. It was a highlight observing our children + my mom navigate the wet trail + slippery Banyan tree roots, and cross the river stream bed to reach the 400-foot waterfall.

Immediately after the hike, we navigated the wet and windy single-lane Hana Highway to the farm. I was hopeful to find the farm shop still open. We were greeted by Jenn with bubbles in hand, Hawaiian music flowing throughout the farm shop doors still wide open. This felt like a homecoming. Jenn made me feel like I was catching up with an old friend. The amazing part was that this was our first time meeting face-to-face. It happened to be a double celebration. It was the week of her wedding anniversary and birthday!

I spent the next hour shopping at her farm stand. The vibe is right out of a Hawaiian travel magazine. I experienced and smelled everything!

Jenn crafts small-batch hydrosols and perfumes using organic ingredients from her farm. The fragrances are incredible and the quality top shelf. Her collection includes Lemon Verbena, Hana Rosemary, Hana Lavender, Hana Glow, Lei Pia #6 perfume oil+ more! The farm shop also includes freshly woven palm frond hats, fresh ginger, farm eggs, lemons, limes, avocado, and cacao. If you need fresh, tropical flowers, she harvests custom bouquets and overnight ships them throughout the US!

We enjoyed a private tour of this diverse farm. Uila cracked open cocoa & shared samples while we "helped" him with the evening chores. Meeting all the animals was a highlight. Each one is family and seeing their personalities was adorable. This talented couple has been cultivating this land since 2018. This land includes a wide variety of exotic fruits and aromatics, macadamia nit + more. The farm animals include Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Kunekune Pig, free-range laying Hens + Muscovy Ducks.

Jenn agreed to distill a small batch of rosemary, geranium, balancing hydrosol for me to offer at my local markets.

This process involves the art of extracting the healing components within medical aromatic botanicals by volatilizing the plant material, using heat, water, and a copper still.

Hydrosols embody the essence, life force, and therapeutic properties of the plant obtained from the art of distilling.

Jenn solely curates hydrosol using fresh, organically grown plants from her Hana, Maui farm, creating a truly vibrant high quality, healing product with 100% pure plant medicine infused in every drop.

I am honored to have the opportunity to provide this custom-curated batch for you. I have implemented this into my daily skincare regimen. This organic mist may also be used as a festive spritz into your cocktail for an elevated experience!

I am excited to introduce this at Saturday's Ladies' Night at Bertelsen's Winery.

Mahalo Jenn & Uila for your hospitality. We were welcomed to the farm like Ohana.

Thank you to my golden girl Erin Jones for introducing us.

Next time you visit the beautiful island of Maui, consider getting off the beaten path and taking an adventure to Hana. I promise you won't be disappointed. Plan your visit at

Aloha & Keep Flourishing!

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