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A Full Circle Moment

I was honored to be invited to market at Christiansons Nursery in LaConner. The heart of Skagit Valleys Tulip Festival.

Before one can appreciate this milestone you must learn the back story.

It was 1995 and my mom owned and I helped operate a little retail gift shop in LaConner. "Catch of the Day" was located in the Lime Dock building. It was waterfront on the North end of this quaint town. We offered gifts, jewelry, clothing, candles and more. It was through this experience I grew to love LaConner.

My then boyfriend David proposed that next year and we began planning our wedding. First on my list was to tour the wedding venue at Christiansons Nursery.

This breathtaking nursery was purchased in 1990 by John + Toni Christianson from the Harts and they have been hands on owners since back the they offered a unique wedding experience in the rose garden on the south side of the "School House".

Although this venue offered everything I had dreamt of it was not in our budget. We were happily married at the Leifer Manit in Marysville.

The history of Christiansons Nursery is a beautiful story of rhoadadendrens, roses and preserving farm land. You can read more about it here

Throughout my years, whenever in LaConner we had to visit Christiansons. It's been inspiring seeing the property grow and still tastefully honor the history and landscape of the valley.

In February 2020, Erin Benzakein of Floret Flowers launched her new book, "A year in Flowers". In honor of my birthday, my longtime friend AJ treated us to tickets to the book launch at Christiansons. It was a memorable experience meeting Erin for the first time. The whole Floret Team was there! As a graduate of the online Floret Workshop, this was another full circle moment.

Spring 2022 we launched our refurbished vintage horse trailer "Little Bloom", a mobile flower cart. I was overwhelmed with invitations to "pop up" at various events & markets and offer our farms blooms. Christiansons nursery was one of the first invitations. I was honored. I had committed my season to my local market, Arlington Farmers Market. It was important to honor my previous commitment and respectfully protect the Skagit Valley flower farmers market at Christiansons. I suggested we wait till the timing was right and Christiansons agreed.

As our spring tulip harvest began to come on the timing became right. The farmers market hadn't began and I was invited to pop up to honor the Annual Tulip Festival. This would mark the 39th year of the festival!

It was a beautiful Friday in April. I loaded up my freshly harvested specialty tulips, narcissus, ranunculus, and pussy willow. All grown sustainably on our farm. The flowers were absolutely stunning! The pink and salmon hues were showstoppers. Many mistaking them for peonys.

I met new friends from Seattle to Orcas Island. It was so satisfying meeting, social media followers in person, and a visit from friend & fellow Floret Alumni Helen

Before days end, Primrose, the antique gift shop kindly asked to offer my bouquets the following day. I was thrilled!

It was 27 years ago we toured the Christiansons wedding venue. I never could have imagined the opportunity to offer my farms flowers at Christiansons Nirsery. To say I'm honored would be an understatement. I am filled with gratitude and look forward to Flourishing with Christiansons Nursery in the future.

Thank you for your support.

As always, keep Flourishing!

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