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A Farmer & A Florist

August 2021

Seeing this collaboration come full circle makes my heart happy! I have had the honor to foster a working relationship that has blossomed into a friendship with Donna. Donna is a Master Florist of Save The Day Floral Design. She has been in business for 9 years in my hometown, of Arlington Washington. A mutual friend introduced us over two years ago. I’ve seen our work ethic and passion for flowers complement one another. When I began flower farming, my hope was that local florists would purchase my flowers and integrate them into their instillations. When we shop local we make a concious effort to support local small business, the revenue supports our small city’s and community. Recently, Donna asked if she could hand select blooms from my garden for a brides bouquet and wedding instillation. I was honored with this opportunity! I loved walking my garden rows in search for the perfect bloom to complement the brides color palette. We considered flower color, variety, texture and bloom stage. It was so satisfying seeing Donna’s finished creations and I was honored that my blooms were sprinkled throughout. It‘s relationships like these that bring an experience like this to the next level. It’s what brings the wedding flowers from pretty to WOW! Knowing the love and intention in cultivating my blooms makes this a full circle moment. It’s relationships and opportunities like this that I desire for my flower farm business. I’m grateful for the trusting relationship I have with Donna and I’m excited to continue to Flourish together. If you have opportunities for flowers please consider cultivating with Flourish Organic Farms. If you are outside our area there is a valuable tool known as the Floret Collective. This collective is a directory for flower farms and florists across our nation. Please consider this resource the next time you have flower needs. After all, local flowers make life better!

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