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American Flowers Week June 28 - July 4

We honor American Flowers Week with founder, Debra Prenzing of Slow Flowers.

The Slow Flowers Movement is a response to the disconnect between humans and flowers in the modern era. It aspires to reclaim the act of flower growing, recognizing it as a relevant and respected branch of domestic agriculture. Slow Flowers connects consumers with the source of their flowers, putting a human face of the flower farmer and floral designer behind each bouquet or centerpiece. The value of local, seasonal and sustainably-grown flowers is heightened where there is transparent origin labeling of all botanicals sold to consumers and professional florists.

Debra produces a weekly podcast @slowflowers about domestic flowers and the people who grow and design with them. ”it’s about making a Concious choice and I invite you to join the conversation and the creative community as we discuss the vital topics of saving our domestic flower farms and supporting a floral industry that relys on a safe & sustainable local supply of flowers and foliage.”

Slow Flowers features 880 florists, studios and farms that grow these blooms. To honor American Flowers Week featured collaborations embrace the spirit with a floral fashion show for the annual botanical couture collection. I share this likemindedness for local, sustainable and foam free instillations. I’d like to take this opportunity to feature a couple of my favorites. I’m proud of these PNW farmers, designers and fellow friends!

Keep Flourishing!









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